Saturday, April 18, 2009

Double Stroller Heaven

So - being the mom of 2 kids really close in age, I knew I would someday, as painful as that day would be, need a double stroller. I was going to get a double stroller soon after Mya was born, but I bought a baby sling - which meant that walks with both of my kids when Bryan was at work were still do-able. When Bryan is home, Lauren rides in her little pink car and B gets the stroller. Well, my fat baby girl is just too big for the sling now, and I have felt entirely trapped in my house the past few weeks (even though we've only been blessed with the occasional nice day). I will not hold Mya while pushing Lauren in her car - I refuse! I decided it was time. Time to do all the research, go to the stores, read the online reviews, etc. When you're looking for double strollers, you have 3 options:


I quickly ruled this one out - this was the model we really liked, and it actually handles pretty well for a tandem, but I could foresee problems: in the mall, how in the world could I ever go into a store? Even though it handled well, it's still like driving a bus. And the bigger child sits in the back, which means that Lo would have the ability to kick her little sister at will. Not a fan - just too risky.

Side by Side

I really liked this one, and was sure that it would be the one I was choosing. The girls loved sitting right next to eachother, but looking at it, I don't think Lauren could sit in it longer than this summer - she's already almost too tall for most of them because of the canopy. I know she always won't be in a stroller, but what about trips to places like the zoo where she wants to sit for a bit but still get out and walk around? Too much work and lifting for me. I'd probably end up having her just walk next to us, and then what's the point of even having a double? I'd still be in the same boat I'm in now.

Sit & Stand

Da da da daaaaa! This is our winner! Mya can sit in front while Lo either sits OR stands in the back, facing me. It's not really any bigger than a travel system (wahoo). Trips to the zoo will be fabulous for me - Lolo can be strapped in if I want her to be, but I won't have to get her in & out every time she wants to run & look at something. And when she's too big and doesn't want to sit in it anymore, since it's not huge, I'd be fine taking it places like the mall with just one kid in it. By the time we have another baby, Mya will be at least Lauren's age, so it will be perfect. It's extremely lightweight, and got great reviews. I'm so excited to use it!! And now that the weather is nice, I can!!! The freedom to roam my neighborhood with both of my children while Bryan is working is back! I see many sunshiney walks to the park in my near future, aaahhhh. And check out the sassy orange - I had to seriously hold back from hot pink, but I've got to assume I'll be having a boy at some point in time ...hopefully :)


Melinda said...

We got the sit and stand after Hannah was born. It was a life saver! I absolutely LOVE it! Even though Tommy just turned 6, I'll still pull it out ever once in awhile and he'll still ride in the back (what does that say about me?) You'll love it.

Hilary Troy Jaxon Avery Presley said...

What great information. We do not have any need for a stroller that fits more tan one right now but probably will within the next 2 years. I did however just buy a new stroller for Presley. Nothing too fancy, just a step up from an umbrella stroller. Stroller shopping is not easy! Good job on being so practical about it.

Jennie-O said...

Ok, I'm so glad you posted this because T and I were just talking the other day about needing one. We weren't sure which one, and I had never considered the sit/stand stroller. THANKS a million!! I feel like you get to be the one to always figure stuff out first and then I steal all of your ideas! You're the best.

The Byers Family said...

From a mom who had the tandem I just want to say SUBURBAN for sure! It's like pushing a mile long stroller and hard in stores for sure! I imagine the side by side would also be a problem in stores that have racks close together, plus anytime B wants to sleep and Lo doesn't want her to she'd be w/in striking distance! I wish we'd had your options when my kids were little! I think Becky went with the same stroller you guys did since Brock ocassionaly likes the stroller even now! GOOD PICK!

Holly Strong said...

Love it and love the color. I hate my tandem stroller and wish sit and stands were better (they have improved in the last few years) back when I got mine...5 years ago...WOW! I wonder if two fit in the back...hmmm, we might have to come look at it. LOL