Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Driving to the Park

We took a little "drive" to the park the other day - Lauren calls it driving when she's in her car. She would go everywhere in this pink car if we let her - she thinks it's the greatest thing ever!

And this is all she does at the park........walk around up and down the stairs. No slides, no jumping off of anything. She's playing it safe, here, people. Very safe. Bryan got her to go down the slide by herself for the first time and I'm still not sure she liked it. I think she likes the walking up and down the stairs more. Who wouldn't? It's sooo exciting.

Here's B all bundled up to go - is she not the cutest thing you've ever seen???? Look at those eyes!

And if you just said no to my question, then that's why I put this picture on. Seriously, people, adorable!!


The Byers Family said...

Looks like it was sooo much fun! And they are 2 of the most adorable little girls every!

Jay and Kristy said...

Thats so funny Lauren likes the stairs more than the slides! Maybe when Mya can go downn the slides with her, she'll go :) And Mya's pink hat is sooo cute!

Lindsay said...

I love all your new updates! Don't know where to start.
#1 Egg hunt, way fun idea.
#2 your girls are so cute!! and funny! Or maybe forced to be that way when watched by Bryan. :)
#3 I love her response to the easter eggs & her easter dress. Ha! And peeps ARE nasty.