Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jolly Holiday, Jolly Holiday

Here are a few hilights of our holiday festivities this year:

The girls had the cutest little preschool Christmas program!!  Here they are wearing their reindeer "crowns".  It was pretty much the most adorable program in the history of he world, if you want my honest opinion.

Poor Daddy - the man can't sit down without being smothered by our girls :)

Christmas is absolutely amazing when you have kids.  Amazing!!
Santa did a wonderful job of getting the girls what they wanted this year.  Lucky for Santa, my girls are easy to please, and didn't want anything crazy expensive this year.
Lalaloopsy everything and some princess figurines and they were ecstatic.
Santa also left a note about sharing.....I'm not sure my girls heard a single word, but A for effort, big guy!

The closest thing to a good old fashioned "here we are in our Christmas outfits sitting in front of the tree like perfect little angels" picture just before church.
How I got lucky enough to have such beautiful girls, I will never know. 

Bryan loves to wrap presents in a way that makes it impossible to NOT guess what's inside.  This is a Lalaloopsy lunchbox-type thing that we gave the girls to carry their mini dolls in.  It was obviously guessed instantly.

What they didn't get from Santa or Mom & Dad, they got from the rest of the family.  Lalaloopsy silly hair dolls {seeing theme here?}, Monster High dolls {thanks again, Shara, for finding 2 that aren't dressed as street walkers}, and Strawberry Shortcake dolls whose hair changes with cold.  They kind of live in my freezer now.  It's OK, it makes the freezer smell yummy.
I found this chair on KSL a few weeks ago and fell in love.  My Christmas present is getting it painted and reupholstered.

Mya has the best morning hair!
Jane learned to crawl during tithing settlement in the Bishop's office.
And then a week later, we found her in her crib standing up.
She is so unlike my other 2 kids - she is constantly wanting to move onto the next thing.
Last night she was holding onto a toy, then would grab my hand, stand up all the way, and then try and let go of me.
This kid is nuts!!
Love this picture :)
Shopping is hard work for babies.
And there is Christmas of 2011!


Jennie-O said...

so much to love! I love that Lo had a Christmas program at preschool, I love that chair! I can't wait to see what you do with it. And I love that Jane is a rock star. Although, it makes me sad that she's growing up so fast :(

Mindy said...

Such cute girls! Janes plank pose is amazing.