Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Zoo Lights

I love a good Groupon.
So I felt I snagged a great one for half off our little family to go to the zoo for Zoo Lights.
The only stipulation was we had to go between Dec 3-7.
We figured the best night to go would be Tuesday night - we'd miss the weekend and family night crowds.
Well, there was definitely no crowd.
Because it was FREEZING!!!!
We bundled up everybody pretty well, but we all still froze our little tootsies off.
But the kids loved it - the light displays are so much fun, and they still got to go on a carousel ride {their favorite part of the zoo}.  They didn't even whine about being cold {I can't say the same thing for me and Bryan}.  Jane was a little bitty trooper and didn't make a peep until the last few minutes.  She just stared in awe at the lights, all bundled up in her onesie, leggings, jeans, boots, sweater, coat hood, beanie and super thick blanket.
The tigers were all wrestling and playing as a little family.  It was super cool.
But I do have to say, knowing you are at the zoo and it's dark and you can only see certain things is a bit creepy.
Sorry, I have no actual pictures of us there {the one at the top I yoinked from the Deseret News} because I forgot my camera, and the thought of taking my gloves off to take a picture with my phone made me want to cry like a little baby.
BTW, I wasn't aware that the iPhone touch screen only works with bare fingers.  Must be a body heat thing.  I learned something new yesterday!
We will definitely be going back next year.......hopefully on a warmer night :)
Christmas time is just getting more and more fun the older my girls get!!


Lindsay said...

That sounds way cool. I can imagine the creepiness factor though. Kind of gave me chills reading about it. You're right-Christmas gets awesome the older they get. I love it!! But I think I'm more excited than they are this year!!!!!