Friday, December 11, 2009


Before I forget, B is officially walking!!
It's strange for us, because Lo never did the thing where they take a few steps and fall down, get back up, repeat. She looked at me one day, got up, and walked. And that was that.
So I haven't really known when I could say that Mya was walking. She's been doing the few steps thing for about 2 weeks now, but the last couple of days she's kicked it up a notch or 2, and has been walking everywhere. She still holds on to the wall a lot (especially when she's on the hardwood - she really hates to fall down on it....can't say I blame her), but for the most part she tries to walk wherever she's going.
It's such a relief, and just like we thought - she's SO much happier to be walking! She's still needy, but so much better than she's been. She just wants to be a big kid!
A couple of months ago I had predicted she would be walking by 16 months, and here we are, just 3 days shy of that mark.
Yay B!!!!


The Byers Family said...

YAY B! You beat Dunc (I knew she would!) Now that she's walking things will be so so much easier for you too!

Groton Ward said...

That's awesome! Corinne started walking about 16 months too. It must be a strong-personality girl thing.

Jennie-O said...

yay Mya! I'm so happy for her, and you too! Congratulations!

Holly Strong said...

You seriously need to post a picture of the double fist thing. I still laugh about it. Gotta love taht Mya girl...she si so CUTE!!!

BreeAnn said...

Yeah I was going to say something to you, I saw her at Church trying to pull the ornamanets off the Christmas tree walking around, and I was like "wow". That is so awesome! I am happy for you guys!