Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Santa's Little Helper

Since we have the perfect little area for spraying set up in the unfinished portion of our basement, I guess one of Santa's helpers has decided to work on a very large, very heavy Christmas present down there instead of at the workshop in the North Pole.
I snuck a peek at the work in progress last night.
THIS is why I'm so excited for Christmas I can hardly stand it.
Santa's helper does pretty good work, eh?
And on a little side note......
I caught a glimpse of this certain helper last night as he was caulking
He's kind of hot :)


Jensons said...

Awwww, that is adorable. The girls are going to love that!!

Holly Strong said...

What an awesome helper Santa has. I can't wait to see the finished amazing.

Kristy said...

Is that handcrafted? You must have connections! Santa's helper working from your basement! No fair!

The Byers Family said...

This is going to be such an awesome gift! I remember when Santa brought our girls something much like this and they LOVED it but I think i might have loved it a little more... So much fun!

j. said...

so i have been on a blogging hiatus & i've missed commenting on your last trillion posts. :( sorry, woman.

i miss you terribly. can we play soon? i could use a late night, dc drinking, getting swaddled, watching bad movies, laughing until i cry night with you.

love you, kierst.

j. said...

ps. the playhouse rocks my world. please tell bryan i would like the exact same gift for my 23rd birthday on march the 21st.

that is all.