Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Spirit of Giving

Ahhh, yes. It is Christmas time, the time of giving, of being selfless, of thinking of others.
I think it's a little too much for a 3 year old to grasp quite yet.
Yesterday we were at Target and I told Lo she needed to pick out a present for B.
She told me that B really wants a Snow White dress, and she walked me over to the Princess/Barbie aisle and showed me which one.
I asked her if she thought Mya really wanted that, or if Lo did.
Lauren said she'd "share it with her".
I'm sure Mya would be absolutely thrilled to have Lo give her a princess dress twice her size that she is so willing to share with her.

Also, we tried to get Lauren to sit on Santa's lap at our ward Christmas breakfast. There was much coaxing and bribing - from us and from her friends, but to no avail. Santa is officially scary.
When I was little, my mom would call Santa.
Yes, my mother has Santa's actual phone number.
And now I have it.
I told Lo that we are going to call Santa tomorrow, because how is he going to know what to get her if she doesn't tell him?
She said she doesn't want to talk to him.
"I'll tell him when he comes in our fireplace on Christmas"
Makes perfect sense to me - he's magic, he should be able to produce your desired presents right there, on the spot.
I just smiled and told her we will call Santa tomorrow.

Have I mentioned how much more exciting Christmas is this year now that she understands (mostly, of course) how it all works? And I can't wait to see her face on Christmas morning - I get all gooey just thinking about it!

And PS - pics of the finished dollhouse coming soon - turned out better than I imagined! That Santa's helper sure is one good little worker!
And we still haven't figured out what "the toy with birds on it" is that Lo keeps saying she wants. Hopefully when she sees the dollhouse she forgets all about it.


The Byers Family said...

Of course you have Santa's phone number, all mommy's get that when they become mommys. I've told annie and shawna I got it from the hospital when they were born, and on a couple occasions I picked up the phone to call santa and tattle if they were being naughty. I just told the girls I wanted to make sure Santa knew their name went on the naughty list because of how they were acting, worked like a charm! Too bad it doesn't work so well now...

Jennie said...

I love that Lo and M are both afraid of Santa - the concept is great, but the real thing is terrifying! Funny kids. I'm excited to get them together tomorrow!