Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Morning

Cookies & chocolate milk left for Santa - looks like someone decided to help themselves to some frosting.....

The finished doll house!
I was waiting for the classic Lo freak out when she first saw it. I was waiting in the kitchen with the video camera. She ran in, stopped, looked at the dollhouse, then at me and just said "CHEESE!" Hilarious.
She ran to her stocking first, and quickly emptied out everything, and wowing about everything Santa brought her.
It took her a while to really grasp what was going on and that it was hers.

Lo's "room" is on the left of the bathroom in the upstairs

And B's is on the right. They are painted like their rooms in our house, thus hindering any confusion the 3 year old might have on whether the dollhouse is "hers" or "theirs"

A little pop-up tent for the play room. B thought it was the greatest thing ever, she played in it all morning.
And did not enjoy when Lo decided it would be fun to join her.
This was my Christmas surprise from Bryan - the impossible to find boots that I've been wanting for months, but would never in a million years buy for myself. They are backordered until February. He's good.

And the family present - FINALLY getting our family pictures that were taken in August up and on the walls. There are more than just these, but I just haven't taken pictures yet. Stay tuned.

This was the first year that we decided to not go anywhere Christmas morning. Normally we go to my parent's house, but last year Lauren only got to play with her presents for about 30 minutes all day, so I decided that we needed to simplify things from now on.
So our parents all came over in the morning at different times and hung out, ate, and played with the girls for a bit. We didn't have to be anywhere until 2:30, which was perfect with B's naptime.
We went to Bryan's mom's, had more deliciousness to eat, more fun presents to open, and then to his grandma's, repeat of previous statement.
It was such a relaxing day, but it felt strange because we're used to running like crazy all day long. I very much prefer the relaxing day.
Then the day after Christmas we had my whole family over for dinner, exchanged gifts, played some Wii, and had a fabulous time.
But to be honest, I'm quite ready for Christmas to be over this year. It's been so much fun having Lauren get so excited about everything, but I'm exhausted :)

And sorry there are no more pictures - I dropped my camera and busted a piece off of the smaller lens (the 18-55), and I didn't want to mess with the frustration of trying to take a bunch of pictures with the zoom lens. I hate my clumsiness.


Tukuafu's said...

Looks like Christmas was good to you guys! Love the boots!! :) Loves!

Jennie-O said...

Oh! I am so excited to see the dollhouse! It turned out great. I bet Lo will have a blast playing with it. Cute Boots by the way, and sorry about the camera lens :(
Glad you guys had a merry Christmas!

Jensons said...

The doll house is amazing! I bet the girls will spend hours playing with that.