Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I'm Gonna Get Married

The other day, Lauren & I were enjoying a little snuggle on the couch while watching "Say Yes to the Dress". One of our very favorite shows to watch together.
This was our conversation

Lo: "I'm gonna get married, huh Mom?"
Me: "Yes, someday"
Lo: "I'm gonna wear a white dress, and a white thing on my head that's like a headband but not cuz it's upside up, and flowers in my hair."
Me: "OK"
Lo: "And I'm gonna carry flowers in my hands, huh"
Me: "Yep"
Lo: "And my daddy's gonna hold my hands"
Me: "Yes"
Lo: "And we're gonna dance"
Me: "Yes, you are"

I didn't realize that wedding planning started at 3.
To date, one of my absolute favorite conversations with my daughter.


The Byers Family said...

How flipping cute! Your kid is so dang funny and adorable! I had the conversation just recently with Annie and Shawna about wedding dresses and costs (because of this show actually!) And explained that most wedding dresses are not in the major thousands of dollars catagories that in fact my dress was a mere $500 and not even 1k! You better start talking about that now, or start saving up! haha!

j. said...

love this story. my favorite part is still "upside up". too cute. love her.

The Byers Family said...

I forgot to tell you how much I LOVE your blog background!

Lindsay said...

Mine too. That is just precious. Makes me want to cry.

Brooklyn's wedding is completely planned out & elaborate. We're just missing a prince.