Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween - Finally Over!

Halloween was a bit weird for us this year. Bryan was busy doing some side work for his mom's boss, and I had the joys of having to work overtime. So it was kind of hard to stay in a "festive" mood when we had so many other things going on.
And I swear, Halloween lasted for over a week. We had our ward Trunk or Treat last Friday (no pictures, I know, lame), and the celebrating just continued on from there.

Here's Lo with some kids in her class for their little Halloween party. LOVE Miss Elissa's costume -hilarious.

Lo & Sage (Glenda the Good Witch)
(Lo was supposed to look like Tinkerbell, but ended being some strange ballerina/fairy princess/Tinkerbell combination. Whatever - she loved it.)

Originally Mya's costume was a bumblebee. I made a yellow & black tutu, she had wings & antennae, adorable. But she broke her tutu at the Trunk or Treat, and I didn't want to fix it, so she got to wear Lauren's elephant costume from last year. Which was actually cuter, and really warm, so it all worked out.

And Lauren was so cute - I thought I'd have to take her up to every door & stand there with her, but she marched her little fairy self right up to the door, knocked, shouted "Trick or Treat" and then an appropriate "Thank you!" when candy was dropped into her bucket. But she did get very distracted, and a little freaked out, if people had too many scary decoration on their house.
Mya just sat happily and quietly in the wagon and talked to everyone walking by.

I opened the door to my favorite dressed up trick-or-treaters. I hope you can make the picture bigger to see the detail on Jess's awesome jacket! And yes, it did smell faintly of smoke, which made it even more awesome. And again, yes, Greg is definitely wearing guy liner.

Ty, Jennie, Makayla, Annie, Greg, & Jess all came over for some soup, cookie decorating, and pumpkin cheesecake. Mmmmm. And I have no idea why I didn't take any pictures of everyone! I'm telling you, I wasn't myself that night. But thanks guys, for making my night much more enjoyable! Lo & Makayla got to do a little more trick-or-treating with eachother - those 2 thoroughly enjoy eachother. It's so cute!
I know it's sad, but I'm quite happy to have Halloween over and done with this year. I just couldn't get into it! Let's just move on to Thanksgiving, shall we?

And here - thought I'd share this with you all. I'm probably about 7 in this picture and I have NO idea what I'm supposed to be. Little Miss Muffet maybe? Anyway, my aunt posted it on her blog, and I very much enjoyed it.


j. said...

i don't know if you know this, but my maiden name is moffitt & when i was little all the kids called me "little miss muffet"...i never knew who she was though..good to see.

thanks so much for having us!! i, as you know, was not myself, either. mostly due to the 3 hours of nightmare-ridden sleep i got the night before, but still....

so sorry we were lame and tired. we will be much more fun next time you grace us with your presence. we love you so very much---thanks for playing. xo.

Lindsay said...

I'm DYING over the last picture! HA HA! And just a teeny bit sad that we missed out on pumpkin cheesecake & soup. I'm with you-all for Thanksgiving! Lo looks great as whatever she is! I still think she looks like Tinkerbell.

Lamoreauxs said...

I love Sage and Lauren. So so cute. I would have loved to been there. I miss you guys!

Jensons said...

They both look adorable!! I did the same thing with Sienna, her cheerleader outfit only lasted one night. Then she got to wear the easier, warmer duck..... cuter just like you said.