Monday, November 30, 2009

The Hubby-Hubs

Yesterday was Bryan's b-day. Since it was Sunday, we celebrated on Saturday. Taking half of Shara's fabulous suggestion, we went to an indoor shooting range, where I realized that my husband is a VERY good shot. Good enough I would be totally comfortable in giving the "go ahead" nod if I was ever held at gunpoint and he thought about taking a shot at the guy's head just inches from my own. Because that's totally going to happen someday. But hopefully the roles would never be reversed, because I am a horrible, but consistant shot. In aiming for the chest I put 5 shots right to the neck. So I think if I ever needed to use my skills, if I just aim about 6 inches lower than where I really want to hit, then I'd be right on. Good strategy, right?
Anyway, then we went down to the Orem PF Chang's for dinner, one of Bryan's favorite places that we never go any more. Chose Orem because Bryan hates valet parking downtown in the truck. Realized that might not have been the best decision because of the BYU/Utah game (go blue, BTW). But it turned out to be a fabulous decision, because we got our meal for absolutely free. When you make an online reservation there, there's a spot to click if it's a special occasion - anniversary, b-day, etc. So when we got there the waitress asked who's birthday it was, I nodded to Bryan, who gave me the look of death. She informed us that there would be nothing embarrassing, to his great relief. So we ordered, and about halfway through eating the waitress came back and told us that we'd better be saving room for dessert because out entire meal was on them. We just sat there kind of shocked, and she said that their managers let them do that every once in a while. And sure enough, when the check came, total was $0. Of course we left her a big fat tip. So thanks PF Chang's - what an awesome unexpected surprise!

So I know you won't read this, love of my life, but Happy 30th! I want nothing more than to spend many, many more birthdays stressing over what to get you and where to take you on our date. I love you so much!


BreeAnn said...

Free birthday dinner! How sweet is that! And yes Go BLUE!

Jensons said...

Happy Birthday Bryan!! Our present is that we actually paid for your dinner, but told the waitress not to tell you...... we wanted it to be anonymous.

Carrie Medford said...

That is awesome. We love PF Changs and maybe we'll go to that one in Orem on my birthday. Just maybe. Okay maybe not but it makes my mouth water just thinking about it.