Monday, October 5, 2009

Princess Party Necessities

When having a Princess Birthday Party there are some things that are necessary
Brand new Princess dress, including matching crown

Crowns for all of your guests, with matching "bling" rings

Other princesses: Sage, Lauren, Adylin, Lexi, Emma, and Makayla

Handmade sugar wafer castles, including blue moat, and a ton of candy to decorate them with while discussing your favorite princess
Just an FYI - if you would like to make these castles for your own party someday, I'm pretty much an expert by now. It's all about the disgusting Royal Icing that I never want to make again. They can also double as replicas of the Jordan River Temple if you know what you're doing :)
More dancing
And more presents
And even more presents
Some more dancing
And, of course, a beautiful princess birthday cake
With 3 candles and a crown on top
Lauren had so much fun at her party! Things were absolute chaos, and had it not been for Jennie, I don't know what we would've done! Thanks so much for staying to help control the mayhem!
Lauren got some awesome presents and had so much fun being a princess for the day. She loved everything she got, and I hope all the other girls had as much fun as she did!


j. said...

ohhhhhh this is the CUTEST thing i have ever seen! but, why won't these pictures get bigger? i MUST see these pictures bigger!!!

what a darling princess party. every girls dream come true. way to go mamma.

Jennie said...

that party was the bomb-diggity! Thanks for letting me crash there, I loved every second of it!

BreeAnn said...

What an awesome party and that cake is so pretty!

Jensons said...

It must have been a pretty amazing event because my kids have been raving about it for the past 3 days. They LOVED the castles, crowns, rings, ect. You'd think it was their birthday for crying out loud. Are you for hire?

Jay and Kristy said...

Way cute!! I love her cake!!!

Heidi said...

Now I can see why Makayla wants to have a Princess Party for her birthday! This looks like the cutest thing ever!