Monday, October 12, 2009

Punk'n Patch

Lo's class went to a pumpkin patch on Thursday for school. It was fun - all of the kids got to pick a ltttle pumpkin to take home, and they got to go through a corn maze.
Here's Lauren's cute little class. I don't know any names except for Sage, because Lauren doesn't talk about anyone else but Sage. I think there's a McKenzie, a Tyler, and a Sawyer. Don't ask me to point them out.
Lauren & Sage - and no, Kalisa & I did not plan the beanie/flower combo. But yes, it's the same beanie & flower, just different colors. Too funny.
Me & the girls. B was not happy to be there. Whatsoever. In any way, shape, or form. At all.
They had about 7 tractors for the kids to climb on. They were filthy, but cute!


BreeAnn said...

aw very cute! I love pumpkin patches!