Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Back from the 619

This is a little taste of the pictures my awesome cousin Suz took of our family a few weeks ago - and I can't wait to see the rest! I also think it's a great representation of me & my cheesy siblings. If we are asked to pose for pictures, this is what you get.

I have NO pictures from the actual trip.
That's what happens when your husband takes the bags out of the car at the airport.

Anyway. here are some things I learned while down in mostly-sunny So Cal:
You can fit a Ford Focus basically anywhere
I offiicially HATE football talk
I officially HATE football on TV
But I very much enjoy a live BYU game
The late 80's, early 90's was not a good time in interior design history
9 people can stay in the same house and still be laughing when they leave
Boys stink
My hubby gets the shopping bug on vacation just like I do
Airports are very flexible on what they consider to be a "carry-on"
I wish there was a fro yo joint on every corner here
My hair does hilarious things in the morning fog
Window coverings are a necessity
When you think everyone will forget your b-day, you log on to find over 50 Facebook "happy b-day" wall posts
The San Diego temple really does look like a princess castle
I think 75 is the optimum temperature
You can fit 7 people in a Ford Edge, you just have to be creative
Mya has the craziest "I've missed you!" freak out I've ever seen
You can eventually tune out anyone
Lauren actually prefers that we leave - which I guess is better than crying and screaming
Holly packs a great little b-day package "from Davis" - thanks Holly!
Pidgeons can still walk with broken feet
Beaches can be really creepy at night
Satellite radio is.....interesting
I will take a paper map over a GPS any day
My baby looks a whole lot bigger then when I left
Carlsbad has a killer Outlet Mall
And a killer fish/steak restaurant
I don't know how I feel about 29
We're so blessed to have such great family we can trust our girls with, and who are so willing to take them so we can run off & have fun
My family is hilarious, and I love them so much
I still can't figure out why when the question "should we eat here" is posed, 8 faces automatically all turn in my direction
An unexpected birthday card & gift from a friend is a great pick-me-up
San Diego is apparently a hot spot for childhood friends to vacation the same weekend
4 days is almost too long to not see my girls
And not quite long enough to spend alone with Bryan

Good to be home


BreeAnn said...

sounds like a jam packed vacation! I am glad you had fun though! I have a little something for you that I need to drop by for your b-day! It probably won't be until next week though! Sorry!

The Byers Family said...

I'm glad you had a good time! Your girlies were so fun (although tiring for this old lady! I'd forgotten what it was like to have littles around for long periods of time!) I'm also glad you had a good bday and I think your family pic is great! We need to do one soon since I think Brock was a baby last time we did ours right?!?!

j. said...

loved this! we always have to cram into little cars, too. we used to put brothers in the trunk! your fam sounds awesome--crazy, fun, hilarious families are where its at! so glad you had a wonderful time & the weather was great. can't wait to see your new jacket & shoes. i love you & happy belated bday again! xoxoxo

Holly Strong said...

Ahhh, I am so sad I missed it. Maybe when the twinos come home we can plan another fun get-away. Glad you liked the birthday gift...I looked at two stores to find a peanut butter twix..LOL At the time it as the only thing I remembered that you liked. Davis joked that he was going to put, "Hope you like the yummy twix" in your card and eat it while you read it....thus the creative packaging. HAHAHA I laughed when he said you didn't believe for a second he did it himself. Glad you guys had a great time.

Jennie said...

Sounds like you had a good time, I'm glad you're back! Cute picture of you and your fam... and I agree, boys stink!