Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I just dropped my kiddo off at her first day of preschool!
It took some convincing to not wear the backpack that she got to pick out all by herself in the truck on the way over.
Of course, she didn't care to wait for me. She just marched right on back.
That backpack is almost as big as she is!
Lauren & her friend Sage get to be in the same class.

And in case you were wondering, neither of us cried.
After taking a few pictures, I just gave her a quick smooch and she went on about her business.


j. said...

okay you didn't cry, but i might! this is SOOO darling! i love you guys-your little family just means so much to us! happy 1st day of school, lo!


Natalie Strong said...

It's hard for me to believe that she is old enough to go to preschool. These kids keep growing up too fast.

Lindsay said...

She will LOVE it!! Yay first day!

The Byers Family said...

She looks so dang cute! I love the backpack and the whole ensemble she's wearing! Thank goodness she's not one of those clingy crybaby kids! She's so smart and is going to be amazing in school! Good job!

Burnside Family said...

How'd she get so big? I am so excited for her and for the stories she will share.

Holly Strong said...

She looks too little. I know she will do great, but ohhhh. I want to cry just looking at her. Yay for Lo and Mommy. I bet you are LOVING the break.