Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I Wish

I wish........

I didn't feel guilty every time I ate a piece of chocolate
Mya would stop waking up every night at midnight
Everything we still wanted to do to our house cost $5
I loved, no even LIKED to work out
Bryan liked seafood
It would be fall and stay fall for at least 3 months
I didn't stick my foot in my mouth all the time
I could kick the DC habit
I was going to Hawaii in April
I didn't have the skin of a teenaged boy going through puberty
I could make my baby enjoy her life somehow
I didn't get so defensive
It wasn't so hard to remember to say our prayers together
Lauren was a morning person
I could wear boots, a sweater, and a scarf today and not die of heat
Mya would stop shutting herself in rooms and screaming while wedged behind the door
I had 5 days off like Bryan does this weekend
I didn't have to wash my hair every day
I wasn't so loud
Our kids didn't make church so unbearable
I was taking a dance class again
I didn't have a gap between my front teeth
I had more patience with my kids
I liked onions, my life would be so much easier
I had time to sit and read for an hour every day
I could learn how to keep my house clean
Mya didn't spit out her milk and ruin at least 1 shirt per day
I had never seen the huge spider in my office that evaded me last week
I didn't have to work so hard at EVERYTHING, nothing just comes easy to me
I had about $250 guilt-free that someone made me spend on a killer pair of boots
Someone would do my laundry for me
I could get Lauren to eat anything other than pb&j and mac & cheese
There were about 4 more hours in the day
I could just be positive today


Lindsay said...

Haha! I love your wish list. I've been wishing many of the same things lately. Hopefully you magically get some of those!

The Byers Family said...

Wow! That's quite the list! I also wish we were going to Hawaii in April, I just can't see taking my kids out of school for that long PLUS airfare is outrageous because of spring break. Oh well, we'll make it another time...

j. said...

i wish:

-i was as good of a friend as kiersti
-i had 2 darling bb's like she does
-and a gorgeous house w/ rock band & wii to keep us all occupied
-i had a husband who got fridays off & didn't have to be away studying 24/7 & who had some of bryan's awesome shoes (lol)
-i had kiersti's shiny, gorgeous brown hair (seriously) and never had to worry about getting my hair colored, because it was naturally gorgeous
-i could pull off a short haircut like she can
-had kiersti's mad dancing skills
-and rock band skills
-and wii playing skills (remember how bad i am!)
-and people skills
-and as many friends as she does
-and i wish i had those brown jessica simpson flats that i always try on and wear every time i am at kiersti's house!! i REALLY wish i had those!

i love you!!!!

thank you for making me happy yesterday. you are such a wonderful friend & our little chat completely cheered me up. seriously, i owe my happy night with my husband to you.

hope today is better. xoxoxo

BreeAnn said...

I liked this post! I feel the same way with a lot of things.

The Byers Family said...

J seriously tries on your brown jessica simpson flats when she's at your house?!?!?! You should let her borrow them for a week, bet it'd make her very happy! LOL! Too funny!

Holly Strong said...

It's nice to see your list. You always seem to have it together. I need to be braver and put stuff like that on my blog.