Thursday, August 27, 2009

Separation Anxiety???? I Think Not!

Today was Lauren's little preschool "Mommy & Me Meet & Greet". I explained to her that we were going to drop Mya off at Shara's house and she and I would be going to preschool for a little bit.
The whole time we were driving she was telling me that Mya was going to Shara's house, and Mommy was going to take her to preschool then Mommy was going home. When I would tell her that I was going to preschool with her, she would just tell me again that I was going home.
You'd think she would be at least a little nervous to go to school with a bunch of kids and a teacher that she doesn't Not so much.
I think she was generally annoyed with my presence at the school.
The moms went outside for a bit so their teacher could tell us about what they would be learning, etc., and we could hear some of the kids crying inside, wanting their mommies.
Mine was the one trying not to cry as we were LEAVING because she didn't want to go home.
Ready for preschool?
Um, yeah.


The Byers Family said...

That's great! I bet that's why she was so stand offish when you picked B up! It wasn't that she was upset cuz she didn't get to stay at the funnest of houses! NOOOOO, it was because she had to leave school to go home! LOL! I'm glad she had a good day, sounds like she's gonna really like preschool! And btw, I loved having B all to myself! She was so much fun and I got to see a side of her I don't normally see cuz I usually have them together! Thanks for that!

Lindsay said...

Ha Ha! Nice.

Megan C. said...

That'll make life so much easier. I've seen second graders who still cry when their parents leave them on the first day of school. She's so independent!