Tuesday, August 4, 2009

8 Years Ago

8 years ago today I broke up with my boyfriend
I put on my blue Roxy t-shirt, Express jeans, and Doc Martin boots
And went to a party instead of a co-worker's wedding
Where I met a bunch of boys from West Jordan
One of which was wearing a green & white plaid button-down, Silvertabs, and white K-Swiss
He had curly hair and the most gorgeous smile ever
We sat on the front porch
And talked about swing dancing

Sometimes it pays off
To blow off a wedding and go to a party
On the day of a bad break up
You just might get lucky
And meet your future husband
Like I did


j. said...

i don't know what i like best:

the fact that you remember the date that you met him
or that you remember EXACTLY what both of you were wearing.

you & by are truly MADE FOR EACH OTHER. my favorite couple. this is sweet. love you!

The Byers Family said...

This is sweet! I also am impressed that you remember the day you met, and that it was a great turn for your life! I love you guys for sticking it out and giving me such beautiful neices!! You are such a cute couple!

Brittany and Nate said...

awww... so cute!

Lamoreauxs said...

you guys are cute. Looking at your blog is making me homesick!!! You have such a cute family :)

Lamoreauxs said...

You are so cute!! I would have to really dig to remember those details. We miss you guys!

BreeAnn said...