Thursday, August 6, 2009

One Down....

My li'l bro Trevor got his mission call yesterday - McAllen, TX Spanish speaking. He's been saying for weeks now that he's going to Arkansas, so pretty close! We're all so excited!
So now we wait for Scott to turn his papers in in a few weeks and soon we'll be sending them both off for 2 whole years.
Family gatherings are about to get a lot quieter :(
I just hope Trevor brings me home a shiny new belt buckle!
Love you Trev!!


Karebear said...

My brother is in McAllen Texas on his mission right now. I will have to let him know Trevor is going and have him watch for him. My brother says that where he is at is a lot like Mexico. He will be coming home next April, so it looks like they will be serving together. That is so cool! Tell him congratulations for me!