Friday, May 18, 2012

And the Baby is ONE

Can't believe my baby girl is ONE!
The Janers celebrated the day by going to the zoo with friends, not paying attention to any animals, getting constipated, not taking a good nap, attending Lauren's preschool graduation, and having

See the cupcake

Getting excited

Not really sure what to do here

I've never eaten anything blue before....

I'm going to touch it
OK, that felt slimy and weird
What am I supposed to do with this, huh???
I'm in my high chair, am I supposed to eat this thing?
Let's give it a good squish and make a weird face
And squish some more
Make another weird face {just like my daddy does when the camera comes out}

I guess I'll take a bite
A BIG bite
And so will Mya
Tasting, tasting, savoring...
Have some more?
Don't mind if I do

That Sweet Tooth Fairy sure does make a delicious slimy blue thing
Happy girl :)

That whole process seriously took FOREVER.  She did not want to eat it - she's a total texture kid and the frosting completely weirded her out!

What I would do without this kid to brighten my every day is a mystery to me.
She is the funniest, fieriest, most adorable little thing and I really can't believe one whole year has gone by since she was born and I saw that red hair and went "huh?"
The night before her birthday, she decided that she was no longer going to crawl ever again, and she was going to say "hello".
She sings along to "Happy Birthday"
She gives loves and the occasional open mouthed, slobber kiss.
I love her so much I can hardly stand it.