Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Random Memories

For some reason, as I was sitting in my cave of an office and working my entire evening away last night, I had a memory cross through my tired brain.  The girls had just come down, all bathed, with wet curls, to give me a "kiss, big gigantic squeeze, and a hug" before bed time.
I was thinking about how I love this routine, and I'm so glad that even though I work until 8:00 Monday nights {bed time is 7:30 around here....because when you mess around for an hour in your beds before you fall asleep, bed time becomes 7:30}, I still get to kiss those wet lips {do they really have to lick them right before they give you kiss???} and fat cheeks at the end of the night.
And then I remembered Lo's old bed time routine.
Little Bill.

Every single night, for MONTHS when Lo was probably 2/3, we had to watch at least one episode of Little Bill {or sometimes Say Yes to the Dress, or Cake Boss} before she went to bed or took a nap.
I think we have seen every single episode ever made of Little Bill, and I can't say that I miss it one bit, but it's funny to remember how attached she was to that show for a while.  It drove us absolutely crazy!!
But there is one super special thing to me that came from that show.  In one episode, Little Bill and his dad {also named Bill} are walking down the street, and they sing a little song that goes:
"Just the two Bills
Just the two Bills
Not one Bill, not four Bills
It's just the two Bills"
Now, anyone who really knows this family, will know that it's a musical around here.  We sing everything.  Constantly.  My girls have had their names inserted in just about every song ever made {appropriate ones, of course}, and we change the lyrics to whatever we are doing at the moment.  You should try it sometime, it's the best. 
So if me and my girls are snuggling on the couch, Lauren will start randomly singing "Just the 3 girls" to this little tune.  It's our special little song.
Hooray for this little trip down memory lane :)


Lindsay said...

very sweet. i love little bill. your memory is my Charlie & Lola. I was singing it just yesterday. I may buy all the dvd's. so so cute for her to come up with the 3 girls. :)

j. said...

i completely remember this time. greg and i would just laugh and laugh as you went through her bedtime routine and we all watched little bill and said prayers. makes me want to hang out more often!