Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Festivities

The older my kids get, the more fun holidays are.
We've spent this Halloween season doing as many fun Halloweeny things as we could fit in to our busy schedules.
We made cookies - complete with sprinkles.  Sprinkles are the very best part of sugar cookies, if you ask Lo.

Check out this face - love it

We carved pumpkins....every time Lo would pull some of the guts out she would get this ultimately disgusted look on her face.  It was hilarious.

After a dinner of mini mummy pizzas {English muffin pizzas with olive "eyes"} and scary bone breadsticks, we got all dolled up for trick-or-treating {I even dressed up this year.....I was a pretty sweet cowgirl.  The girls thought I was the coolest for actually dressing up}.

Jane stood up and gave a little twirl to show off her adorable skirt.  She's pretty amazing, I know.

I could barely get these 2 to sit still and focus long enough to get their pics taken.  They were both so excited to get out and get some candy!
Me?  Not so much.  Bryan was convinced that I wanted to take the girls out this year - even though I think I told him half a dozen times that I didn't want to. 
And actually, I had a splendid time.  The weather was beautiful, and watching the kids run up to the doors was priceless.  Lauren knows what's up - she runs up to the door, gets her candy, says a sweet "thank you" and runs back down.  Mya has a different approach.  Get up to the door, say trick or treat, thoroughly inspect the candy given to her, and chit chat with the person about her costume, candy, their decorations....whatever crosses her mind.  I was constantly either yelling at her to come back or having to go and physically remove her myself.  It kind of made for a long night.
But I love our neighborhood.  The streets are lined with kids {almost like when we were little}, everyone has their porch lights on, and we get to bump into lots of our friends.  And we were so close to getting rid of all of our candy {3 MASSIVE bags}.
After we got back, Mya camped out at the front door and waited for kids.  She would open the door, say hi, introduce me or Bryan, and if they tried to talk to her, she would just smile and politely close the door in their face.  It's business, people, there's no time for mindless chatter.
We had a super fun time this year, but I'm exhausted and I need to rest and save my strength for Christmas :)


Jennie-O said...

Ha ha ha. That sounds exactly like our Halloween, including the 3 big bags of candy! But not including the part where kid #2 talks to everyone. My #2 didnt say a word, just stared. Christmas is going to be a blast, maybe we should all go shopping again :)

Lindsay said...

Haha Mya! She was the best to have dinner with the other night! :) What a fun Halloween! And I love the guts look! HA!