Sunday, October 23, 2011

Witches, Witches, WITCHES!

This last week, we got together at Garnder Village with our good friends, the Olsens, for a little witch hunting.
We each have 3 girls and they are all pretty much the exact same ages, so it's always fun {and slightly crazy} to get the kids together.
We started off with a little game of ring around the roses....

Makayla & Lauren imitating the kissy face of the witch behind them.  Silly girls.

Posing in front of the funny frogs

They just had to have a picture on the big red bench!

Discussing how to do criss cross apple sauce

Mya did what she does best.....wandered

The weather was beautiful, the babies slept pretty much the whole time, we ended the afternoon with a messy pumpkin sugar cookie, and we all had a fabulous time.
I love October!!
Thanks again, Jennie, Makayla, Annie, and Ella for joining us!


The Byers Family said...

It's so fun having friends with kids your kids age! I'm so glad that you guys had fun! (I also had a messy sugar cookie when I went, AND a muffin top too! I love that bakery even if I hate what it does to the size of my gut and butt!)

Jennie-O said...

Love your post :) We had a great time! I can't get over how well our kids get along, it's like we should take them all to disneyland together or something ;)