Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Big 5

Can you believe my baby is 5???  Well I can't!
Lo has been so excited for this day, she's been so cute about the things she can do now that she's 5.  Like "learn things and say big words".
She has been looking at this Lalaloopsy ferris wheel for months, and I think she may have peed herself a little when she opened it.

And maybe now I won't have to hear about this Barbie Princess Charm School doll at least 5 times a day now that she has it.
"Oh my gosh, the skirt winds up, and you push a button, and it falls back down!"
I prefer if the skirt stays down, because when it's up Barbie's nude underwear bum shows. 

We had a picnic on the front lawn.  It was very bright and squinty.

Every time one of my kids has a birthday, I can't help but look back on pictures past.
She was so teeny tiny!!!  It's hard to believe my little 5 lb 2 oz baby is now a child who is already growing out of clothes made for a 6 year old.

Happy birthday to the most wonderful 5 year old I know.
She is so helpful and loves to learn to do chores {for now....}
She is the best big sister a sibling could ask for - she loves her sisters so much and is always wanting to help with them.
She loves clothes as much as I want her to love clothes.  And she will still wear what I buy for her, even though it's not covered in Nickelodeon characters, sequins, and glitter.  I buy those kinds of things for jammies, and it makes her super happy.  Best of both worlds, I think!
I can't believe how smart she is.  She is constantly sounding out words on cereal boxes and on signs, and loves to find out the meanings of new words.
She is such a people pleaser.  She never wants anyone to feel left out, and the thought of someone being mad at her breaks her heart.
She reminds me so much of myself sometimes with her personality traits.  It makes me smile and terrifies me at the same time, because it almost seems like I can see the road ahead of her.
I'm pretty sure she's the sweetest child I've ever met.  So sweet that other kids tend to walk on her a bit.  But she doesn't mind at all.  Sometimes I want to tell her to yell back at them, or say something snotty in response, because it makes me so angry to overhear another child say something bratty to her.  But it doesn't bother her, which, really, is wonderful and I hope she stays that way.  It is just so heart breaking to hear someone be mean to your child.
We have been so blessed to have Lauren in our family, and she makes me smile every single day.
I can't believe it's been 5 years since she made her arrival into this world, and she has made every second of every day of my life better.
Lauren - I love you, baby girl - continue lighting up everything and everyone around you.


Lindsay said...

What a sweetheart with such a sweet momma! She looks so big! Geeeeeeeez!

j. said...

i can't believe she is five! i remember when i first met you and you were pregnant with her. time flies. love you both, happiest birthday sweet girl!