Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Family Pics

This fall has been super duper crazy this year, and I wanted to get some quick pictures done.
I've seen some cute stuff from Fotofly from people on Facebook, so I decided we would give it a shot.
And I do have to say, as far as a studio that only gives you 45 minutes, they were pretty excellent.  I thought the price was reasonable, and I'm thrilled with how most of them turned out. 
When we were kids, once every few years we would get all dolled up, bangs curled, lace collars pressed, and we would go to Olan Mills.  We would sit on "chairs" that weren't meant to be seen in front of tan/black cloudy backdrops, and tilt our heads in awkward positions and say cheese.  I was really hoping this wouldn't be the experience here, and it wasn't.  Their backgrounds and furniture are really fun, and way cuter than what I expected.
There was still a bit of the posing and hand placing, and I do definitely prefer a more relaxed, natural, candid session.
And don't worry, Sheryll Lynne, you have not been replaced {how could you be??}.  You'll be hearing from me in the spring when we have more time and Jane is a bit older.

*PS, I happen to hate just about every single picture that I'm in.  I think that I look like I'm somewhat in pain.  But aren't my girls absolutely BEAUTIFUL???

If you'd like to take a moment and let me know which family one you prefer {floor or couch} that would be great.
Thanks for taking our survey, have a wonderful day.


Brynn said...

Cute pictures, I like the family on the floor better. You can see more personality of the older girls.

KKandKoKo said...

These are great and your girls are adorable!! As far as your's a toss up for me. I think they are both equally great...really! I can't decide which one I like better. Sorry, I'm not much help.

Lindsay said...

SO SO cute!! Oh my!! I want to hang the yellow one of Lauren on MY wall. I love them! Your description of Olan Mills almost made me pee. Haha! These are so great. Okay, so, floor or couch? Both? I'm so helpful! And by the way, I don't feel like you look like you're in pain, and I love what you chose to wear. Okay, I'm leaning towards the floor one I think.

Jennie-O said...

I love the couch picture of all of you! They really did a great job. You guys are a gorgeous family!

Ashley Bennion said...

I am going to vote couch - Love them!

Elder Scott Strong said...

Ya i think that the family picture is better...just sayinghaha.

Heidi said...

I vote couch! You have such a cute family!!

j. said...

i thought i already commented on this back when you posted it! guess not. i remember looking at these pics and thinking "how on earth did she keep everyone looking so perfect!?" even jane didn't pull her bow off! and you are GORGEOUS and so photogenic. i'm jealous.