Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When Your Husband is Really Handy

When your husband is handy, he can do lots of things around the house.
He can fix broken things, paint, re-finish the occasional piece of furniture, and maybe even build your children a playhouse.
But when your husband is really, I mean REALLY handy....

He can build you a mini "mud room" {that's what I'm calling it} in your teeny tiny "laundry room" {that's what they call the very small space between my kitchen & the garage that is barely big enough to fit a washer & dryer} out of what was once just a wall.
*It still needs to be painted*

Just by measuring really well and borrowing a mere 8 inches that nobody will ever miss from the garage.

That is how you know you have yourself a keeper, ladies.
Give the man a Skil saw, some MDF, and a cordless drill and he can work wonders.


The Byers Family said...

He is pretty awesome! And he would be completely embarrassed to know you blog about him and his accomplishments like this ;) HEHE!

Melinda said...

I am officially impressed.

Lindsay said...

FANTASTIC!!! I am struggling to breathe.Seriously. SOOOOOOOOO valuable.