Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stay Young, Go Dancing

This last weekend was, let's just say, horrible.
Bryan had 7 parking lots to stripe, and that is a lot, but when trying to start a business, one doesn't really want to turn work down.
And everything that possibly could've gone wrong, absolutely did.
Things broke, keys got lost {and STILL have not been found}, measurements were miscalculated....the list could go on and on.
My poor hubby - jobs that should've taken a couple of hours ended up taking 4 times that long.
And let's just say the kids weren't exactly cooperating with me at home. I had to work overtime, for some reason couldn't get any more than 3 hours of sleep a night, and ended up having a full on nervous breakdown Saturday afternoon - complete with ugly crying.
I just kept telling myself "Monday is almost here, Monday is almost here".  I didn't think I'd ever be saying those words, but when you get to go see your very most favorite band on Monday, Monday becomes awesome.

3 hours in the dark, snuggled up next to my love, listening to favorite song after favorite song, feeling all the stress of the last 4 days completely disappear.
Oh, Death Cab for Cutie - thank you for playing Stay Young, Go Dancing and Transantlanticism during the encore.
Thank you for providing incredible people-watching {poor awkward teenager next to Bryan trying to look cool for his date, and crazy girl in the aisle playing air guitar the entire time - so entertaining}.
Thank you for saving my sanity after the previous 4 days.


j. said...

stay young, go dancing, indeed. greatest band. rock on, mama.