Wednesday, August 24, 2011

They Just Looked So Adorable

Sunday morning, Bryan was working {finishing up the most truly awful weekend ever} and I had my girls all ready to go for church a little early - shocking, because when he's home it seems we are always scrambling to get there on time.
Anyway, I looked at them and marveled in their pure deliciousness that day and realized I didn't have any pictures of the 3 of them together since Jane's newborn shoot.
So I lined them up on the couch, all in their Sunday best, ready to take what I thought would be the cutest pictures ever.
And this is what they gave me:
They weren't ornery.....they were actually all in very good moods.

This one is slightly better - at least Lauren decided to break out the smile.

Maybe Jane was tired.
BTW - isn't that headband the cutest thing you've ever seen?  I totally made it.  All by myself.  I'm completely proud of myself, so I'm bragging.

Home girl is always begging me to take her picture, you'd think she'd at least give me a little grin!

I don't believe in the whole "say cheese when taking pictures of your kids" thing, I just end up snapping 50 in a row in an attempt to maybe capture at least one gem.
This one I actually love - such a classic Mya face :)
And now I'm totally on a mission to get a good, frame worthy picture of my beautiful  babies all together.
Mark my words, it will happen!


Jennie-O said...

Ready for church early?!?! That never happens in my house :) janes dress is adorable. I just love your girlies.