Friday, May 6, 2011

Things I Didn't Know About Myself

Lo came home today with this lovely painting for me for Mother's Day.  I just love it!
And on the back are a bunch of things about me - things I didn't even know myself!

My favorite color is PINK
I make Lauren laugh when I TICKLE HER FAST
 I am 26 FEET TALL - wow.  I mean, I know I'm tall, but I had no idea I was that tall!
I am as beautiful as a MONKEY - well, monkeys are cute, right?
I cook really good MAC & CHEESE
I am really good at PUTTING MY CLOTHES ON REALLY FAST - it is true.  I would totally dominate a getting dressed race.
She loves to play DANCING with me
She loves me because SHE HUGS ME! {I do give some killer hugs}

Man, I love this kid :)


Jennie-O said...

That is so sweet. You are a lucky mommy, those were great compliments...26 feet tall, wow that's gotta be a record!! Happy mothers day, I wish you the best and a baby tomorrow! :)