Thursday, April 28, 2011

Looking Forward

Yes.  It's a list.  Of things I'm looking forward to here in the next little while.

1.  Temps above 58 and sunshine - I mean, come on, it can only get warmer from here, right?
2.  Being able to sleep on my stomach.  I miss it so much!
3.  3 months off - where I only have to worry about being a mom.  Not being a mom full time and working full time.
4.  Cabin time sans belly {tried it Easter weekend.....9 months prego + not-so-comfy-cabin-mattress = torture}.
5.  Swingset time for my kids in the backyard {in correlation with #1}
6.  Being able to push my kids on the swings without getting contractions.
7.  Late night feedings when the rest of the house is dark & quiet {you're probably thinking, yeah right, you're really not looking forward to that.  But it's something I really have always loved doing with my newborns}.
8.  Wearing pants with an actual functioning zipper.
9.  The disappearing of the little red dots that are now covering my face, neck, chest, arms, and hands.
10. And, of course, the thing I am most looking forward to - getting this baby out of my belly and into my arms.
11. Oh, and baby breath {yummy!!}
12. And did I mention warmer weather yet?  Oh, well maybe it needs to be mentioned again.


carolee said...

Love that you're a list gal. Me too! And amen for the warmer weather. I'm thinking we need to start up park day soon!

Jennie-O said...

and I can't wait to meet Kinyon #3. It's so close! Newborns are the best!

j. said...

i am so looking forward to kinyon lady #3! can't wait to see her pretty face. you're almost there.

Jennie said...

Awesome list. Working full time and being a mom full time is so hard. I totally sucked at it. By the way, I LOVE midnight feedings, too! At least the first 3 months...