Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day

I had a wonderful Mother's Day this year.
I came into the kitchen in the morning {thus ruining breakfast in bed} to the smell of french toast {my favorite} and the sound of Lauren whispering to Bryan "can I give Mommy her present yet?".
She was so excited to give it to me, which, to me, is just as good as getting the actual present.  She's such a sweet girl who loves to make people happy.
So this is what I got, from here
It looks a little different - one is a flower, one is a square, and it has my kids' initials on each one instead of their whole names.
For being a not very emotional person, I cried like a little baby.
I thought Bryan had forgotten about how I fell in love with these necklaces when I ran across this website around Christmas.
And it meant even more, because I know he had to order it weeks ago to make sure it was here in time.

And I know there is another charm with a "J" waiting for me when this baby finally decides to make an appearance.
Which could be any time, but I'm trying not to hold my breath.
I don't want to complain, but let's just say I'm getting really tired of strong contractions {the kind that HURT} that last for a few hours but never get close enough to do anything about it.
We thought it was "it" Saturday afternoon - every 6 minutes apart for 45 minutes, then NOTHING.  Not a single one for the rest of the night.
Then nothing all day yesterday, but I was up all night with really inconsistent but painful contractions.
Luckily, my doc has told me he'll induce me on the 17th if I don't go on my own before then, so there is a light at the end of this {seemingly never ending} tunnel.
And this is the problem I'm having right now:
I'm driving myself insane.
I wish I could just see the 17th as the day we are going to have her, and not worry about the house being spotless and every stitch of laundry being done. 
But every time I start to think about that, I have another round of crazy contractions, which makes me think that I need to be ready because she could come at any time - which sends me into a frenzy of cleaning & laundry.
Seriously, I'm going nuts :)
Oh well, 8 more days at the most - and if I happen to go early, and every piece of clothing isn't clean and there are crumbs under the girls' bar stools when my mother-in-law comes over to stay with them, it's not the end of the world.
Life will go on, and she will not think any less of me.
This is what I keep trying to tell's not working very well.
So, you may not hear from me again until I have some awesome pictures of our sweet little new one.
And she does have a name - and a lot of you know it, but for some reason I don't want to advertise it until she's here.
But you did a get a hint earlier - it starts with a J.
Anyway, until then, wish me luck!
Oh, and I may have asked my twin missionary brothers to pray for her to come sooner rather than later.....because missionary prayers might just hold a little more weight. 
How could they not?


~ KraZed PhoToGraphy~ Contact Emillee 801.638.1812 said...

Your Beautiful Momma And your doing a Fantastic Job... Your so down to earth and a Strong woman... Hang in there the wait is totally worth it Hun... I kNow I know... YOu want to tell me SHut up right now... Like you said it is right around the corner...Congrats Hun when it happens I say Sunday...

carolee said...

yep, i pretty much love your necklace. so darling! and such a sweet and thoughtful gift!