Friday, April 1, 2011

Closet Space!

Ahhhh, closet space.
As I mentioned before, Bryan worked a little magic in the girls' closet.
I don't have a before picture, but it was just a closet rod with a shelf over it.
I'm sure you can picture it just fine.
So here's the after:
We split it {almost} down the middle - here's the right side. 
Top rod for Lo, bottom for Mya.  And yes, my girls have a lot of clothes, but keep in mind they are both transitioning in sizes, and it's that fun time of year where you can't quite put away the long sleeved yet, but you have to get out the short.
So they are super packed.
On the floor are 2 small bins for their shoes.

 Some might think this is stupid, but we added another shelf all the way across at the top of the closet.  Reason?  Because I HATE stacking stuff up too high, and there is so much space up there, it just seems like a waste.
It also helps that I'm super tall and can reach it with no problem.  It's perfect for stuff the kids don't use all the time {and stuff I really don't want them to have access to}.

And the left side.
4 shelves - perfect for pants, sweaters, blankets, and toys.
At the bottom is a bin for princess dresses {it is very necessary to have a large bin for these}.

I can't tell you how much of a stress relief this closet has been!  I was finally able to move all of Mya's clothes out of the baby's room and put away all of the baby clothes.
Hugh sigh of relief.
Because, whatever would I do if I couldn't put baby clothes away, right?
Oh, the crazy mind of a pregnant woman.
And have I already mentioned how amazingly handy and talented my husband is?  Maybe I should mention it again.  Because he is.
And he's pretty easy on the eyes, as well, if I must say so myself.
Thanks honey!!


carolee said...

Very nice! I love when hubbys work their magic like that. Yay for great closets!!

Angie said...

I'm so with you on the extra shelf in the wasted space area. My dad built one in my closet and I loved it. The closets look great!

Carrie Medford said...

I love love love the closet! Such an efficient use of space!

Jennie-O said...

That looks awesome!!! Give bryan props from me :)

The Byers Family said...

Love it love it! I've been wanting D to do this in the girls closets, because let's face it - the closet of a teenage girl is always a mess! I'll have to print these pics and handily hide them where he'll find them, maybe he'll get the clue...