Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just the 3 GIRLS!

At the risk of sounding like a horrible person, here goes.
I wanted this baby to be a boy.
Really, really, really badly.
And I honestly thought it was.
I have been a lot sicker and not as tired as I was with my girls, and I'm carrying differently.
I just really, truly felt it was a boy.
So imagine my surprise when the ultrasound tech at Fetal Fotos confirmed those "3 little lines" this afternoon.
I was fighting back tears, because we're about 99.9999999% sure this is our last baby.
But you're not supposed to cry because you're having another, what I'm sure will be, BEAUTIFUL baby girl.
So that's why I feel like a horrible person.
Both of my girls are 100% Daddy's girls, and I really wanted to have a Momma's boy.
I was so sure, I had this in the cart at Old Navy last week.
Good thing Bryan reminded me it was "bad juju" to buy it, so I put it back.

But within minutes I was just excited again.
get to have 3 girls.
I was a little worried, because I've been referring to it as a boy, and Lo also was convinced it was a brother.  We took her with us to the ultrasound, and she is just thrilled!
She got to see the baby on the TV {was completely obsessed with the gel on my tummy - would not stop talking about it} and is now all about helping us choose a name.
I told Bryan, maybe it's because I'm going to get so good at handling girl drama, that I get it times 3 {whatever you've got to tell yourself, right?}.
The sharing of bedrooms becomes not so much of an issue.
Not to mention the clothing situation
{Was I excited to buy an entire little man wardrobe?  Heck yes.  But that's OK, girl clothes are WAY fun!}
So I am blessed.
I got to see my little girl moving around today, and her beautiful profile.
Bryan gets to bless another cutie in the blessing dress my mom made out of my wedding dress.
I got to see a strong heartbeat and what looks to be a perfectly healthy baby.
I'm so happy and lucky.
And I'm used to girl.  I know girl.
Our house has already been invaded with princesses and Barbies - why not keep it coming, right?
And I have plently of adorable nephews to get my little boy fix.
And now, how in the world do we pick another name????


Holly Strong said...

I understand your disappointment and excitement. It's okay to be a little disappointed. I was disappointed for you when you told me, but super excited. Good luck with the names, I'm sure you'll find a perfect one. Can't wait to meet another adorable princess!!!!

KKandKoKo said...

I feel your pain! If I had another baby I would want it to be a girl! Well that should be fun having 3 girls!! I'm so happy for you :) I did the same thing when I was pregnant w/Kohen...I put a girl dress in the cart and decided to put it back, I guess it jinxed me!

Brynn said...

I was so sure Lola was a boy. When I found out it was a girl, I pouted for about a month. I didn't buy any girl stuff for months, I was still in denial. I wanted another boy so bad!!!!
But on the plus side for you just think how close these girls are going to be. It will be so fun :)

j. said...

i am thrilled she's a she! how fun to have another little gang of girlies (like makayla & lo) running around at get-togethers. i'm even more thrilled that this time around my little nugget gets to be part of the group. she loves her new little bff's already.

j. said...

ps. being a bit disappointed does not make you anything other than completely NORMAL!

my grandma moffitt always tells us that by her 4th boy she was crying actual tears when they pulled him out & announced the sex because she wanted a girl so badly. it makes all of us laugh because she is so honest about it. i think your honesty is so refreshing. we all feel that disappointment from time to time, even though in the end we are so happy with the way things turned out & we wouldn't change it if we could. love you, girl.

Elder Scott Strong said...

Wow you guys are so lucky with girls ha ha. I am excited that i will have a new niece to have break my heart when i get home. I am so sorry to hear that you won't be able to have another one after:(
Kiersti that you so much for all that you and Bryan have done for me. You guys are an amazing example to me and i love you guys so much. You have awesome kids and why not keep the trend with another girl ha ha. I am sure Bryan deep down was praying for that ha ha jk. I hope all goes well. Sometimes life isn't fair but with the Atonement it is. I pray for you guys and i am glad that you are my Big Sister and (a Brother from a different mother) for Bryan. I love you guys so much and i hope you have an awesome christmas.
Love, your lil bro,

Elder Scott Strong

BreeAnn said...

Congrats on another cute little girl! I know what you are saying I think all little girls grow up saying I am going to have 2 boys and 2 girls, or 1 boy and 1 girl, we don't get that we can't really "pick" what we are having! I think we might try for one more in a few years, and of course I would love it if it were a girl, but then I tell myself if I get 3 boys ( 4 including Easton) then that is what I am supposed to have, you know? can't wait to see your cute lady and hear her name !:)

Lindsay said...

Just think your little lady will get to cruise around with the other little ladies on their way. And Mr. Brayden will LOVE it! Because, of course, they need a prince. I'm SO excited for you guys! I just love seeing them, especially being able to take Lo, that's awesome! Happy happy day!

~ KraZed PhoToGraphy~ Contact Emillee 801.638.1812 said...

I understand completely what you was feeling when you found out it was another little girl... I was in the same boat when I found out that I was having another Girl that would put our family at a totaly of 4 girls... Now that I have my girls I am so Happy & I am not trying for a Boy... I am very blessed with my girls and couldn't be more Happier... Yes Sweetie We don't know why we just didn't get that little man that we wanted so Bad... But in the End Once you see her you will fall in LoVe and forget about what ifs.... Take care Sweetie...