Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Big Room Change

Original plan:
Move Lauren into Mya's room Christmas Eve.  Set up bunk bed in Lauren's room as a surprise for Christmas morning.
Mya would then get used to sleeping in Lauren's old bed in her room {which we assumed would be super exciting and fun for her}, and Lauren would get used to sleeping on the top bunk of the new bed.
Once Mya was used to sleeping in a big girl bed, move her into the bottom bunk in Lauren's room.
What actually happened:
Christmas Eve went as planned.....except it took them almost 3 hours to go to sleep.  Oh well, that was kind of expected, right?
Christmas night was a nightmare.  Mya was terrified of both of the big girl bed options.  Finally, at 12:30 am, the crib was put back together and we all had a "good" night's rest.
New plan:
Leave the crib up and talk up the new bed like crazy, giving her the option every day.  Decided the idea of the "interim" bed in her room {Lo's old bed} was a stupid idea and went straight to telling her the bottom bunk in the new room was her new bed.  We were preparing for this process to take weeks, possibly months.  Mom and Dad had serious anxiety.
What actually happened:
She slept in her crib for a nap, night, then next nap.  Next night, she decided she was ready for her bed.  End of story.  Now we are just dealing with little girls who like to talk and giggle for about an hour before falling asleep.  That was expected, and I actually find it quite cute {for the first few minutes, anyway}.
All that stress and anxiety over nothing.  She decided she was ready, end of story.
This kid never ceases to amaze me.  She's so different from her sister, who moved into her new bed happily, never got out, and never lost a minute of sleep during the transition.  Mya just likes to do things when Mya wants to do them.  I've never met a more obstinate child.  She gives me heartburn, headaches, and makes me want to scream from time to time.  But I wouldn't trade her for anything.
She's just Mya.  You'd think I'd be used to this by now :)


Jennie-O said...

Wow, what an adventure! I'm glad it all worked out though. T and I were very surprised at how well our kids did together. We should have a playdate soon :) it feels like I haven't seen you forever!

Jennie said...

You'll have to keep us updated on how the bunk beds go! I am so contemplating it...but super nervous!

Brynn said...

You are so nice to have put a guard rail on the bottom bunk. I just let Trevor keep falling out of bed ;) He finally stopped!