Thursday, December 16, 2010

Do You Speak Myan?

If you did, you'd know that:
Cor Fry = Corpse Bride
Princess Teet = Christmas tree
Eeyor = Igor
Keekabew = Tinkerbell or Jingle Bells
Geekamow = Drink of milk
Wen = Lauren
Weewen = Uniqua
Iwageekiss = I want to get a kiss
Dis Baket = "This" blanket (a pink camouflage blanket)
Woken = Broken
Susan = Monsters Vs. Aliens
Foosack = Fruit snack
{and until recently} Deedoo = Thank you {now it's "kiku"}
C Cup = Sippy cup
Dia = Darrell
Fapy Waity = Sleeping Beauty

This kid has her own language.  I think I only understand about 75% of what she's saying.  We do a lot of "OK"ing and head nodding around here.  And a lot of "What are you saying???".