Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Grabbing Goblin

So Mya is starting to really grab at stuff - mainly faces, hair, clothes, etc.
I had the girls on a chair last night, and I looked over and she had a death grip on the end of Lo's diaper. Lo was kind of trying to inch away, hoping that she would let go, but she just grabbed tighter and tighter.
I still don't know why I think this is so hilarious, but I just do. I guess you really need to see the piercing concentration in Mya's eyes.
Lauren finally got on her knees, but Mya still hung on. Lo was laughing her head off saying "Mya needs to let go of my diaper, Mya needs to let go of my diaper".
I'm still laughing about it, and if you don't, I really don't care :)


The Byers Family said...

Annie once grabbed hold of Shawna's diaper (trying to help her get up on a climb toy at Carls Jr) and it ripped right open, that stuff inside fell out all over the place! They were a little older then your 2 are here! I think this picture is adorable! And I love your St Patty's backgroud!

j. said...

look at their cute little matching pink outfits! ahhhh! i love. time to raid the closets again, i think.

and i love that you got a picture of this moment. look at you, little miss photography! love you & the littles. xo.

Lindsay said...

Apparently your blog is taking a little timeout from popping up on my blog when it updates. 3 posts later....very cute diaper snag, headlock cheeser, & as always I love reading more about you. I love those things too!

Jen, Mitch, and Kids said...

I think it's pretty funny, so I'm glad you posted it. Hopefully, she doesn't grab Lauren's hair, though!