Monday, February 16, 2009

2 Years and Counting

2 years ago today, our little family of 3 went through the temple and were sealed together for eternity. I'll never forget kneeling there when Lauren was brought in to us, dressed all in white, never fussing for a moment, while my sweet Grandpa Strong performed the sealing.
I'll also never think of this day without thinking of the day, fresh home from the hospital with our tiny #1, that Bryan told me that he wanted to go through the temple. I was so happy then, and even happier now, knowing that my family is mine forever.

And I can't express the joy that I felt when #2 came along, and the reassuring feeling of having her born under that promise.
Thanks Bryan, for making me the happiest wife/mommy ever, 2 years ago today.


j. said...

precious. i am so glad i was there. it was amazing. i love you.

j. said...

ps. coldplay's "sparks" is one of my FAVORITE songs of ALL TIME (we all know i LOVE coldplay). you are on my lover list for playing it.

Kris & Amy Morris said...

Wow, that is just awesome! I remember being there & what a special day that was! Thanks for letting us share that day with you! (Tear!)

j. said...

miss you, lover.

Ashley Bennion said...

That is awesome Kierst! Hope you are doing well!