Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day: Act II

Valentine's Day was not as magical as I had planned it to be. Both of the girls had a pretty rough night, therefore, so did Bryan and I. Bryan had to work on a side job, so it was me home with the sickies all day. Very sad, and not fun at all. There is one upside - Mya has been sleeping non stop, which when dealing with a very sick Lo, is extremely helpful.
Here are the poor li'l ones. :(

Lo and I made a couple of valentines for Daddy - she put stickers all over the "personalized" message I had written him, but he got the drift.Thank goodness for washable markers! This kind of put her in a good mood, and we had some laughs, which I desperately needed that day!

This was my big surprise for Bryan - a cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. The most incredibly moist and delicious cake you will ever eat, for sure. And I'm really glad I ordered it, because given the state of my household on Saturday, there would have been no baking going on!
It's called the Nothing Bundt Hugs and Kisses cake - I love this place, and I am pretty proud of myself for taking the sickies out to get it. When we got there and the lady brought it out to us, Lauren said "Oh, is that Daddy's cake?" I said yes, and she said "Let's eat it!!" There were 2 cute older couples in the store that got a good chuckle out of that.

Here are my tulips that Bryan was oh so tricky and sent me on Thursday (since that's the day we went to dinner). He was a little disappointed with them when he got home - he had ordered them from some place online (he normally gets them from somewhere locally) and thy hadn't really bloomed yet. But by Saturday morning they were beautiful, and really helped to brighten up my day.


Jen, Mitch, and Kids said...

That cake would have been gone within a couple of hours if it were me...and I would be the only one who ate it!

BreeAnn said...

That cake looks so good. I went on thier website and checked out their cakes. Ty doesn't like cake too much, but I sure do!