Monday, December 15, 2008

Random Pictures

One of the tutus I made for Lolo for Christmas - she is seriously going to FREAK OUT when she gets these! The other one is purple and green - I'm so excited for Christmas!!
My sister watched the girls for me on Saturday, and took some seriously adorable pictures of Lauren - here's one of them.
Baby Mya's flirty eyes - oh, and big fat cheeks.

Me and my girls snuggling and watching The Grinch on Friday night. It was super comfy, can you tell?


Sarah Porter said...
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BreeAnn said...

So cute.I have to tell you on Sunday during music time in nursery we were singing Christmas songs and Lauren was like the only one who knew the words. She is so freaking cute.I love her voice!

j. said...

i love this gorgeous family.

did someone leave a naughty comment??? tisk tisk.