Friday, December 12, 2008

How Kids Make You, Let's Say, Squishy

This is how Lauren is making me squishy. I don't say fat, because I don't think I'm necessarily fat, I'm just a little squishy around the edges.
Yesterday started off with "Mommy, I wanna make some muffins". We haven't made muffins in months - since we live with my in-laws. Why? Because I love all things bread. My name is Kiersti, and I'm a bakedgoodsaholic. I try to avoid them whenever possible, but when your 2 year old says out of the blue that she wants to make muffins, and it's so cute, you just make muffins.
So I made the muffins. I only had 1 warm, delicious, fresh out of the over muffin and I was going to call it good. Then Lauren came upstairs, and I gave her a muffin. And this is our conversation:
Lo "Mmm, yummy muffin, isss beary good"
Me "Oh, good, I'm glad it's beary good"
Lo "You have one, Mom?"
Me "No, I already had one, I don't want another one"
Lo "You sit in this chair and have a muffin, Mom"
Me "I don't want one"
Lo "Mmm, isss beary good, sit in this chair and have a muffin, Mom"
I caved. How could I not cave? And when I finished that one, she tried to get me to eat another one!! Luckily, I was able to restrain myself that time. But how am I supposed to maintain self control with this kind of trickery?????


The Byers Family said...

I've recently come to the realization that I was meant to be squishy, so next time that cute little Lo wants to make muffins I say bring them to Aunt Shara because she loves muffins and is destined to be squishy!

Carrie Medford said...

That is so cute! You need to get her to start liking broccoli and tomatoes so she can ask for those for Christmas.

Hagbloms said...

"trickery," I love it! Squishiness is worth all that cuteness!

Tracie White said...

Yeah! I'm getting squishy too, and a hooray from me for baked goods (and comfortable pants), that are the joys of being a Mom.

j. said...

squishy??? pshhhhh.... cut it out, lady. you are firm through & through. firm & sexy for that matter.