Monday, December 8, 2008

Fat Baby Girl

I've started calling Mya "Fat Baby Girl" because she is. She is a fat little baby girl! I hope she doesn't see this someday and get a complex, but I also hope that the rest of her body catches up to her cheeks before she hits puberty. Oh, and I hope she develops a neck before then, too - that could be tragic.
I love to watch this little one sleep - she always looks so peaceful, it's just so precious.
Her too big beanie
This is so funny - she will sit like this forever with Bryan and just smile. She's a pretty serious baby, so this is a big deal! I just love this little snug-a-bug!!!
And I just have to mention, since she is so serious, that she finally laughed on Saturday! Dec. 6, 2008, she finally laughed! She usually tries to hold back, and just ends up grunting, but this time she actually let out a giggle. Big day around here, big day!


Holly Strong said...

I LOVE her cheeks. I can never get enough of them. She is such a cute sweet girl. We sure love baby Mya.

jennybrum said...

She is adorable! Maybe your Mya and my Kade could get married and have REALLY squishy cheeked babies!

Jennie-O said...

I love squishy babies - she is so cute!

j. said...

i want to eat her!