Friday, January 13, 2012

Knee Deep

In poop.  I am knee deep in disgusting, diarrhea, baby poop.
Jane has an ear infection, and as a result of being on antibiotics, she is pooping like I have never known a child to poop before.
No joke - I'm pretty sure I changed at least 15 poopy diapers yesterday. 
And now she has the worst diaper rash I have ever seen.
Like - open, oozing sores all over her poor, red bum diaper rash.
I ran to the store to get everything I could think of:
Max Strength Desitin
More yogurt
After the store, I called my pediatrician to make sure I wasn't missing anything in the "what to give your kid when they can't stop pooping and now have diaper rash" category - which I wasn't {proud "I kind of think I know what I'm doing by kid #3" moment}.
But they did suggest I put children's Benadryl on a cotton swab and dab it on the bum.
What??  Um, OK.
Tried it - I will prefer to not make my baby scream like that again unless it gives amazing results {which it didn't} - thank you very much.
Does ANYBODY have any suggestions for me???
I know the most important thing is to keep it completely dry, but that is impossible with the explosive diarrhea.
I change her the second she poops, which is SO OFTEN!!
I still have 3 days - 3 MORE DAYS - of antibiotics.
I'm definitely keeping Huggies in business right now.

And on a funnier note, I was singing Mya her nightly lullaby and was doing what I normally do - get really close to her and stroke her hair.
She quietly said "Um, Mom?  I need some space."


Megan C. said...

Luke is still an extreme pooper - like 8 poopy diapers a day! He had some rash problems and my pediatrician recommended A&D ointment. It seems more gentle on the bum and provides a protective barrier, which I felt like Desitin never did

Tracie White said...

So sorry your baby is sick. When I worked with the elderly and their bedsores, the thing that worked best was a barrier, like A&D ointment, or you could use some Vaseline. I've used that on my babies and it helps. Good luck!

Tasha said...

She might need nystatin cream. Kenley got really bad diarrhea after antibiotics for an ear infection... the diaper rash looked like that and actually became a yeast they prescribed nystatin.. good luck!
Ps (this is Jen Wilson's sister)

Tasha said...

I also put her in a cool bath every time she pooped and let her air dry. Hope that helps.

Angie said...

Poor baby. Warm baths and bare bums are what worked for my babies and diaper rash, but that sounds risky for you right now. Good luck!

Terra said...

Hello...Funny I read your blog today and I just went through this! The BEST thing that I have found for my babys' diaper rash (which it never got oosey sores just really bad wouldn't sit on their bum sores) is Triple Paste. I put a TON on and it heals and relieves. I've tried all homeopathic and natural stuff...but this works the best when it has gotten really really bad. So Sorry! Poor little girl.

Kristy said...

Aivree had a horrible rash once before to, i was told to get Butt Paste, put that on first then desitin on top of it. And i am no help but can't even remember if that worked, i don't think i was a fan of the butt paste. Also after her bath, or i guess when she isn't pooping, let her bum air out and dry out, don't put a diaper on right away which in your case not sure she can go without a diaper. That is all i was told do when Aivree had a horrible rash, good luck!!

Lindsay said...

Haha Mya!!!

Poor little bum! Oh sad! And I have no suggestions that you didn't already go through. Sorry!

The Byers Family said...

Mya makes me laugh! At least she just wanted "space" and didn't ask you to move away because your breath stinks... That would have been way worse than just needing space ;)

Good luck with Ging's rash! That really sucks and makes me want to cry for her!

Josh & Kate said...

Diaper rash ointment doesn't work for my little Maddie, but believe it or not corn startch is Awesome! She can have the worst diaper rash and once I use the corn startch it clears up so quickly and doesn't sting or hurt her in any way. Just put it on like baby powder and give it try! Let me know if it helps!

Jennie-O said...

Sad! Poor Jane. Ella's bum got like that with all of her allergy issues. The thing that worked the best is hydrocortisone cream. Also, I would wash her bum off with warm water each time she popped. its so miserable kiersti, I'm sorry.

Alicia said...

When my babies get horrible rashes like that, I put neosporin on them. It's not good to use it every day, but for extreme cases like this, it will be healed after 1 or 2 applications, and it doesn't sting like other ointments do.