Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Folder Sept11

*WARNING - this is going to be a bit of a picture fest
It's totally weirding me out that I just pulled these pictures out of a folder called Sept11.  Seriously?  Already?  It's OK, I'm completely looking forward to September and fall, complete with sweaters and boots and kids coming in pink-cheeked from outside smelling crisp and cold instead of hot and sweaty.....let's just hope fall sticks around for at least a few weeks this year.  It always seems to leave us too soon and Utah winter comes way too early.
Anywho, Labor Day marks the end of summer, and cabin weekends are winding down. Boo!
But Labor Day also means Swiss Days and a loooong cabin weekend which almost makes up for it {almost, but not quite}.

Here are quite a few memorable moments from the Sept11 folder thus far:

Did you know that ginger babies can get sunburned in the shade?  We learned that this weekend.  We spent many, many hours out on the deck playing and relaxing in the shade of the big maple tree.  I'm not used to children than burn, the older 2 just tan, and tan, and then tan some more.  I rarely even use sunscreen anymore, unless there is water involved {bad mom, I know}.  And don't worry, Jane's sunburn wasn't bad.  Just enough to get her little fair skinned cheeks red and now flaking a tad bit.  

This is an actual spider found at the cabin in a tree way too close to the front door.  It looks like something out of a Harry Potter movie. I didn't appreciate it, and am very glad Bryan's cousins removed it with them after they came to visit. 

Cousins like to hold hands on nature walks.
The first {of I'm sure many} cousin pictures with Jane & Lyla.  They are only about 2 months apart and we are positive they are going to be BFF's.

See?  They're even trying to hold hands.

We took a little jaunt over to Heber to visit Sharalee & Darrell's horses, who just had a baby.  Have you ever seen a baby horse?  It is ADORABLE!!
We fed Stormy
And rode Dolly

Mya wasn't scared at all, and she about gave Bryan a heart attack at least half a dozen times.

Can I get a "yee-haw!"

The adults: "Mya, are you holding on?"  Mya: "Yes!"  Brock: "No she isn't!"  Hence the heart attack

Darrell, attempting to mount the poor baby horse {who they think will be called Ginger}

This isn't from the cabin, but I love this perfect example of Mya's camera face.  What the....
And Lo's silly camera face {that she insists on doing every. single. time. I bring out the camera}
And here is Jane's camera face.....j/k. 
She's starting to grab things and LOVES her jumperoo.  And in case you were wondering, there is still not a fat roll in sight on this kid.  She eats...I promise!
My goal today is to get a picture of her smiling.  She smiles ALL THE TIME - I actually think she is the smiliest of all of our babies.  I just am too busy goo-gooing over how cute her smile is that I never get the camera out to capture it.  But I vow to you, I will post a smiley picture.


Jennie-O said...

Cute pictures! I alreadyove the Sept11 folder. We want to come see your cabin this year before it gets snowed in. We will have to make arrangements soon. Happy fall!

Kelly said...

Your girls are adorable! I love blogging and seeing what everyone is up to! :)

j. said...

can't wait to see the smiley jane pictures soon! for what it's worth, i play peek-a-boo with my camera in order to get all those smilie evie pictures (i just gave you top-secret information!!!)

you guys are cute and i'm in love with the whole gosh, darn family!!

Lindsay said...

Such cute pictures!! And who is holding that spider and what is WRONG with them?!?! I'm with you, fall can settle in, get comfortable, and stay awhile. Any fun finds at Swiss days?