Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to {Pre}School

School has started.....and not soon enough, if you ask me.
The girls are both going to preschool 2 days a week, which is making for some crazy mornings around here.  I tried to keep with the morning routine throughout the summer - having everyone ready to go by about 9:00 every day, but it still seems to be just nutso getting out the door by 8:50.

Here is Lo on her second day.  I tried to take a picture of her on her first day, but a certain someone put the camera waaaay high up on a shelf where I would have to use a chair to get it, and we just didn't have time for such things.  So I figured the second day was better than nothing :)
She asked if she could have straight hair - I love it, but it makes her look so old!  I really wish she was going to Kindergarten - she's so more than ready.  Oh well, she'll be happy to be one of the older kids.

Poor Mya.....she had a really hard time with Lo going to school without her.  She just kept saying "I go to school on Wednesday" - but obviously the kid has no concept of days of the week, so she was super sad when we pulled up and only Lo got to get out.

 Wednesday finally came, and here is my big girl off for her first day!  I'm not thrilled about her outfit, but I let her choose her shirt.  Oh well.  She loved it and said she has a friend named Emily and likes her teachers.  I think she was most excited about getting to put her monkey "back-cack" to use.  I was most excited about going to Target while she was in school and not having to be that mom yelling at anyone in the store.  Yay!
 And Jane just gets to be along for the ride, interrupting what used to be her greatest nap of the day.  So we'll see what this new schedule brings for her. 
Why did I decide to have 3 kids ages 4 & under?
Oh yeah, because I'm obviously insane.


Jennie-O said...

Completely insane!! :) Your kids are so cute though. I agree, Lauren looks really old with her hair straight. She's so beautiful. Mya's outfit is adorable. Jane is SUCH a cute redhead! Wait a minute - you're not insane, you're lucky :)

Lindsay said...

Oh my goodness! The insanity and fabulousness of preschool seems like it was just yesterday. It is INSANE to get out of the door at that age. And now we breeze out of our house at 8:30 sharp like nothing. So, there IS hope!!! They both look SO cute. You can tell Mya I like the shirt she chose. But then, I'm a bright pink kind of girl. The brighter the better! :) I want to kiss Jane's cheeks!!! YUM!

The Byers Family said...

Your girls are so cute! I could just eat them up! This post makes me feel old! I can't believe how fast time flies!

j. said...

the straight hair lo sported is too cute. TOO CUTE!

and huzzah for having some time to go to the targets with just bb jane in tow. can we do that together sometime, because that's kind of all evie and i do these days. or perhaps go to the mall or the gateway and push our strollers while being milfs?. what i am saying is call me next time you are left with just one baby and we will have some one-baby-bonding.

happy preschool, babies! love you babies!