Friday, June 24, 2011


I've heard it said that sun always shines brightest after the rain.
Ain't it the truth!
Today, we filled up the kiddie pool {which, I realize, is smaller than my bathtub - we need a new one} and I hosed down the littles from the back porch while they screamed and ran and fell down giggling, and Jane slept in her swing.
Then I stuck them in my shower to wash off the sunscreen & yuckiness {I'm sure they left all sorts of nastiness in that pool} and did some straight hair.
Then the girls were back outside to swing & play in the playhouse.
Everyone smells like summer :)
And now it's nap time.
After the horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE day we had yesterday {constant fighting, chapstick on the play room TV, a baby who wouldn't take a decent nap, and lots of tears....myself included}, this is definitely some sunshine for me!


j. said...

the hard days are SO hard and the good days are SO good. am i right? it's just a shame both need to exist in a normal life. i would be perfectly content with blue skies and good days forever...i'm just sayin.

The Byers Family said...

I'm jealous! I want to play in the water with the girls, smell their summery smells, push them on the swing and play in the play house and most of all... take a nap, but alas I'm chained to me desk in the dingy dungeon of an office working away while stealing a peek here and there at fb and your blog... feel sorry for me ;)

The Byers Family said...

Oh, PS... So happy today is a good day and made you almost forget the tear filled fighting day of lasterday!