Friday, June 17, 2011

Birth Story

Here is a little sample of my birth story pictures {there are 176 total and they take an eternity to upload}.
I can't begin to describe how much I love having these pictures - I wish I would've had this for all of my girls' births.
I'm just going to throw them all in a book, which I'm sure I will just stare at for hours and hours and never get tired of.
Every time I see these pictures I will remember what a special day it was.
THANK YOU to Sheryll of Sheryll Lynne Photographers - she is the bomb diggity and I am so lucky she was able to do this for me. 

This one just might put a little lump in my throat - I love my husband so much :)

 I wish I could put them all on here for your viewing pleasure, but I can't, so if you ever stop by and want to see them, let me know :)
And basically, if you have a baby and you're not terribly uncomfortable with the idea, have a photographer take pictures.
It's seriously awesome.
ps - man, my nose was fat!


Lindsay said...

These are SO stinkin sweet. I love them and will be requesting a full show & tell the next time I'm at your house.

Kristy said...

Um . . . I got teared up! What a great idea! Love the pics and you look amazing!

j. said...

if i hadn't had a c-section YOU BETTER BELIEVE i would have hired someone to be all up in my bizness taking pictures. yes, please! next baby, vaginal birth allowing, i'm in!