Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Minor Lo Update

We've had an eventful last few weeks.
Here's a little snippet of what Lo's been up to:

The Bean Jar. 
I have to give credit to BLOOM for this idea.  It's kind of a "good deed" jar, I guess.  Periodically throughout the day, as I notice my kids doing something good, being nice, doing things without needing to be asked, they get a lima bean (they're the biggest beans I could find) in their jar.  When their jar is full, they get a reward.  Lo's first reward (we're going big on the incentive for the first time around) is to go see a movie in the theater.  This has been a great thing for her behavior.  If she starts to get sassy, I remind her that it's not Bean Jar behavior, and she turns it right around (usually).  For really, really good things I give her 2, sometimes 3 beans and let her put them in   herself.  I want it to fill up pretty fast, because I'm afraid it will lose its effectiveness if the reward takes too long.  I highly recommend trying this out.
Bowling for the first time - she loved it!
New favorite game called "going to bed".  This occupies them for at least 45 minutes a day.
Helping me cook (aka, stir things in a bowl) while wearing adorable new apron.

Learning what a milk moustache is.  And showing me one every time she drinks milk.
As you can tell, things are super exciting around here - beans, milk, laying in bed..... 
You wish your life was this exciting!