Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Want....


Really really bad
A good friend of mine has one, and every time I see something that she's made with it I turn absoultely green.  You know, with envy.
So I decided that I think that Bryan needs to get me one for my birthday. I am turning the big 30 in oh, I don't know, around 56 days (give or take).  But who's counting.
I'm already dreaming up the shirts I'm going to make and the sayings that I want to adorn my walls with.
Possibilities = endless.
So I'm also going to enter this contest, along with the countless other people who want one, in hopes that I can win it.
We shall see - worth a shot, right??
Dream big!!


Holly Strong said...

OOH OHH Me too me too!!! I just saw it and love it. Hope you get it!!! :)

j. said...

stepmom: and when you move out i'm going to get fluffy (or whatever that dog's name is)

juno: DREAM BIG!!!


About Us said...

I was so happy to see this post! I REALLY HOPE you win it! I really can't imagine my life without mine! I had no idea it could do so much. Good thing my hubby has an "in"! LOL! This machine really is life changing!