Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome Summer

In celebration of the beautiful weekend and the beginning of summer, we decided to take the girls on their first hike, to Donut Falls.
Weeeeelllll, we should've waited a few more weeks, because the entire trail was extremely muddy and snowy.
I have no pictures of us on the trail, because Lo had a death grip on my hand the entire time.  The poor kid kept slipping on the hard packed, muddy snow, and splashing mud all over herself.  From the way she reacted to the whole thing, I fear she may need therapy later on down the road.
Every time she slipped she would yell "YIKES!!".  I was dying, it was hilarious.  And when she wasn't yelling yikes, she was telling me how she wanted to go back and she did NOT want to be the king of the mountain.
But we went the whole way, only to see a little tidbit of the actual waterfall.
And after we got back to the car and Lo got changed into some clean pants, she did say she had fun and wanted to go again. 
I think we may.....maybe towards the end of summer when we won't come back looking like we've been in a mud pit.
B was just along for the ride, as long as Bryan kept moving.
This was the expression on her face basically the whole time :)

After a very long nap (for all of us), we broke out the swimsuits and sprinklers for the first time.
This is how Lo enjoyed the sprinklers:
And this is how B enjoyed them:
From far, far away. 
This is a total surprise to me, since Mya is the one who loves to stick her face under the running bath water and Lauren shrieks at the thought of it.

It was a gorgeous day, and we especially loved spending it together as a family.  We put aside all things work (well, almost - I helped Bryan paint a hopscotch for a work friend in the morning) to spend the day together and I'm so glad we did. 
I never feel bad about coming home to loads of dirty laundry and a sink full of dishes when we have days like this!


The Byers Family said...

How fun! There's a hike up Little Cottonwood I want to go on, supposedly it's only 1/4 of a mile and there's a waterfall at the end, if it's worth it I'll let you know and maybe we can make a family picnic day out of it! Your girls are darling and remind me so much of when Annie and Shawna were young like that! They also didn't like the sprinklers all that much but I bought one of those cheap kiddie pools (the really tiny ones, the 2 of them barely fit in it!) and they LOVED it! Before you know it your girls will be heading off to Lagoon with their friends (to meet boys I'm sure) just like mine have done today :( Enjoy them while they're little!

Jennie said...

fun weekend. Thanks for the playdate today, we had a blast!

j. said...

i think that pic of lo is stunning! the lighting in it is gorgeous...well done!

oh, and the weekend sounds lovely too :)