Friday, May 14, 2010

Hair Show

Age 3 years, 7 months, 11 days
Still not growing hair on the sides of her head
No joke

After her bath tonight I roundbrushed & flatironed her hair just to get a feel for what it's doing now.  It's really hard to tell with the massive amounts of curl she has going on.
From the ears and back she has a pretty decent amount of hair.....but she literally has nothing that grows in front of her ears.  It's kind of weird.
And the top isn't much better.

She looks so scraggly (is that a word?).  I love this picture!

I very much prefer her crazy mop of ringlets.  She looks a lot cuter, and a lot less neglected :)

And I definitely don't prefer it with flour in it.  "I was pretending it was snow at preschool!"
Just thought I'd share that while we were talking hair.  It just happened yesterday.

My poor kids have no hope in the hair department!  Sorry girls!


Melinda said...

Love the curls though!

Jennie-O said...

Makayla's baby hair in the front (like right at her forehead) just started to grow. It's been just whispy for so long. I think Lo's will start growing soon, but even if it doesn't she has the most gorgeous curls no one will even notice! :)

Carrie Medford said...

At least you have curls to work with. They do make the hair problem not as noticeable. My girls have hair as straight as can be with absolutely no curls in sight. Consider yourself lucky, especially since she doesn't put knots in her hair.

Matt & Staci said...

Snow, eh? You have to give her an A+ for originality!

Amy said...

Love the "snow"! Her curls are beautiful! Who cares if she has no hair on the sides? It will grow in eventually I bet!
Ps. I love your playlist on your blog!

The Byers Family said...

some kids are bald til kindergarten, just be glad we don't call her Charlie brown ;)

jennybrum said...

Kyanna has the same hair problem, but with no curls so she just always looks neglected. You should feel lucky!!!

Lindsay said...

I thought of these pictures at 3 a.m. when I was trying to get back to sleep after taking care of Peanut. I thought to myself, "I love Lauren's curls!"

Amy E. said...

I don't think it matters right now- especially since she has the beautful curls. I've seen girls with straight hair struggle thru that, but she is still bee-yoo-tee-ful!